About Us

At The Cakery, we love a good story. We feel that we cannot accurately tell the story of how we came to be without starting right at the beginning. Unfortunately this would take all day, so we will skip the childhood days that solidified a love of cakes and desserts in Cristina Abela, and fast forward to her background as a chef to becoming a premier cake baker in Johannesburg, supplying exquisite cakes to the delight of many. With this being said, let us start our tale.

With a heart full of dreams and a passion for the sweeter things in life, Cristina studied to become a pastry chef at an established and respected culinary institute in Johannesburg. While she loved all desserts, cakes captured her heart and ignited her passion.

After completing her education, Cristina started off small, baking cakes in her home kitchen and supplying them to several coffee shops in the area. These were the formative years of The Cakery where Cristina spent time perfecting recipes and further honing her techniques.

As with all incredible things, Cristina’s passion grew more and more until she finally reached a point where she could no longer sit in the background and so, after a nearly a decade of perfecting her product, she started her own coffee shop and formally launched The Cakery, finally bringing Johannesburg’s best-kept secret to the light.